Houston in January: Let’s put the “social” back in “social media”

It’s come to my attention that a lot of people whom I kind of — but don’t really, but would like to — know are going to be descending upon Houston over Olympic Marathon Trials weekend. Since I just got turned down for a media credential, plus I’m only racing the 5K (although I will have my semi-hysterial pre-marathon SO in tow, which means gettng there early to minimize travel stress), I’ll have free time on my hands.

Chances are good that I’ll arrive late Thursday and leave early in the day on Monday. Unless I decide to skulk around outside of the press events, which means I’ll probably be arrested for harrassment and/or loitering and thrown into jail, I should be fairly footloose and fancy free. I can’t get drunk, though. At least not after Friday night.

I would like to meet you if I can. Maybe even assemble in a group to watch the Trials with — I will be cheering for several actual people I sort of know. Or for the full/half marathon, if you’re not running those — after I race the 5K I’ll be out cheering for lots of people in those races too. Or have someone to say “Hi” to at the finish of the 5K — or perhaps even at the start. Dinner, drinks, brunch. Pom-poms. Making fun of Houston. The possibilities are truly endless.

If you’re going to be there and want to try to arrange a meetup or two, please let me know with a comment and/or email. I can’t keep track of who’s going and who’s running what when. I think I need to start building a spreadsheet or something.

4 Responses

  1. well, thats certainly beyond my ken, but have a super time in Texas…looking forward to your blog report.

  2. Hey Julie, I missed meeting you in person in NYC last week but you won’t be so lucky in Houston. I’ll be in town all that weekend to spectate, eat bad texmex & drink… not necessarily in that order. I’ll email you the particulars. Looking forward to meeting you!

  3. Arriving on Friday – likely around 6 pm local time. Departing SUnday on 2 pm flight. Racing the half on Sunday. That’s the extent of my commitments so far (I do want to watch the trials on Saturday – I’m assuming that’s a given for most).

    I’ll be staying in a hotel near the start/finish lines.

  4. Yeah, California girl with New York license gets arrested in Texas, traveling with a foreigner to whom she is not married. What could go wrong?

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