Reprise: A few minutes with Morgan Uceny

Uceny just won her first Diamond League 1500, in Lausanne, using the same method I saw her use a few weeks back at the Diamond League in New York: gradually working her way up to a lead pack position through the course of the race, then flooring it in the last 150 metres or so. In that race she came in second. It was very exciting to watch.

I’ve gotten a few hits on an interview I did with Uceny last year when she was in town for the Fifth Avenue Mile. So in case you’re wondering who that fast American in the green top is, you can learn more about her here.

2 Responses

  1. Uceny was so impressive at the USA champs last weekend, too… amazingly smooth and fluid, cruising past Wurth-Thomas in the last 100m. You should follow up with her… who knows, maybe she’d attribute some of her phenomenal success this year to her new-found training method of snowshoe running at Mammoth Lakes…

    • I am hoping she returns for the Fifth Ave Mile in September so I can catch up with her then. She is on such a roll that I expect her to do well at the World Championships, so I’m anticipating that she’ll have lots ot talk about. I’ll have to see if she’s strapped on a pair of snowshoes yet!

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