Yep. I’m injured.

Whatever I did a week ago is lingering. My right calf voices complaints when walking up hills and stairs, and it’s tender. I tried a run on Tuesday morning just to see if taking a few days off had helped, and in doing so I think I set back recovery from whatever this is by at least a few days. I made it a mile exactly with dull pain, and then it went all sharp and stabby on me again. I hobbled home and decided to not run for the rest of the week.

I’m trying to have a positive attitude about this. We’ve had two calf injuries in our household, neither of them serious. I tore the fascia in my calf a few years ago. It was fine again in about 10-14 days, if I recall. More recently, Jonathan did exactly what I’ve done and I think his turnaround was even shorter. But it involved intervention, which I’m committed to. Every night I sit on the couch and knead the hell out of it, digging into it with my thumbs and a special plastic benubbined torture device our massage therapist gave us. It feels a little better the next morning.

Anyway. The Mini 10K is Saturday. This Saturday. I probably won’t run tomorrow. What’s the use? Maybe one more day will do the trick. I figure I’ll go with the intent of racing, or at least running the course easy. Besides, I’m really there for the shirt, the “event” (meaning seeing the stars of women’s running) and the post-race brunch. As Ewen suggested in a previous comment, I should know in the warmup if things are still off kilter. In which case I’ll opt out of running altogether and just spectate. That’s not exactly that great a compromise considering the field. I don’t want to skip it, but on the other hand I’ve had fun racing it twice and there will be more years in the future to race it. Turning a minor injury into a major one isn’t worth it. I’m finally, finally learning this lesson.

Unfortunately, my new work project precludes me from doing much of anything, least of all preparing for and conducting interviews. I won’t be doing any interviews for the Diamond League Adidas Grand Prix event later in the day either. Oh, well. I suppose I’ve earned the right to soak up the experience without having to produce anything. Haven’t I?

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  1. Ugh — I was fearful that your silence meant that it hadn’t cleared up.

    FWIW, I understand how very hard it is to skip a race when you’re not sure you need to. But, I’m actually pretty glad my coach placed the brakes on me as hard as he did earlier this month — it was annoying to skip races and workouts due to something that I didn’t feel at all when running. But, in retrospect, I’m thinking I would be on the injured reserve list right now, had he not intervened.

  2. Welcome to the Crappy Calf Club! I can’t run for….well, I don’t even know. Weeks? Something like that.

  3. Well, hope you enjoy the day — whether racing, running, jogging or spectating. Also the Diamond League meet — that would be something! All we can come up with is a Mets baseball game (which I’m very much looking forward to).

    • The Mets? You must like cheering for the underdog. Let me know your details about when/where you’re in town and we can arrange a meetup with the usual band of idiots here in NYC.

  4. Oh no…. my sympathies. And I heartily endorse Pete’s pool 8 week madness.

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