Life is short. Life is precious.

Sally Meyerhoff, one of this country’s fastest female marathoners, died yesterday. I never interviewed or met her, although I was hoping she’d be running the More Half again this year (which she won last year while setting a new course record, in pouring rain no less), so that I might have a chance to.

Meyerhoff was no waif, which is one reason why I found her inspiring. Solid girls like me can run fast too. She proved that. I also liked how she was no shrinking violet, at least not from a sartorial standpoint. Lately she’d taken to wearing fuscia compression socks with banana yellow racing flats. An adventurous racer, she not only raced on the roads, but on trails as well, and was moving into a dominant spot in triathlon.

You can find links to the news reports easily enough. Instead, in a nod to a life well lived, here’s a link to her blog.

5 Responses

  1. This news broke my heart this morning.

  2. Thanks for the link to her blog. It shows how intimate one can feel with someone who writes from her soul.

  3. I loved reading her blog over the last few months. Very sad.

    also… dear God, is THAT quote why I’m getting so much traffic from your site? I feel like I’m going to get in trouble from that one… serves me right for trying to be funny!

  4. 27 years old. So sad.

  5. Very sad indeed. Enjoyed reading her open and happy blog over the past 6 months or so. There’s a link to the accident scene on a comment to the HPost story. Can see how it might have happened. Can’t be too careful out there.

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