Houston Hopefuls on Runners Round Table…

Whee! That was fun. Listen up! (Link to MP3 is at page bottom.)

The Runners Round Table: Episode 103 – Houston Hopefuls

2 Responses

  1. Julie –

    By the way, great job hosting a very interesting episode of the Runners Round Table. Might you be interested in leading another running-focused podcast on RRT? Joe Garland and I are eager to expand the base of hosts such as yourself with good ideas, communication skills and an intense interest in all things running-related.


    • Thanks Mark — and I think you may have been submitting some interesting questions during that episode, if I’m not mistaken. I’m in touch with Joe about joining future episodes. I’d love to do so if I have something to contribute to a particular topic. I might be a good source for guest ideas/contacts too given that my pool of acquaintanceship among runners, coaches and other people in the running world seems to be widening quite rapidly.

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