Houston Hopefuls go all Hollywood on us

Okay, not really. No battles for movie rights yet. But I will be appearing with some of these amazing runners on Wednesday, October 20th on The Runners Round Table podcast. The tentative list includes: Julie Wankowski, Tammy Lifka, Jaymee Marty, Jen Hitchings and Lori Kingsley. To listen in, register at TalkShoe.com ahead of time. The show number is: 34812

More info here: RRT 103: Houston Hopefuls

2 Responses

  1. Joan Allen. I love Joan Allen. She should play you.

  2. That should be good. I’ll download the podcast.

    I liked the Manzano and Uceny interviews. Leo does sound like fun — I’d invite him to one of our Saturday morning post-run coffee talk-fests.

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