Little progress outside. Lots of progress inside.

I spoke too soon regarding being able to run again. On Monday I did a test run and made it all of two minutes before I had to stop. This beats 20 seconds of running a week ago. The pain was not terrible, but it was there. For the little that I was able to run, I felt really weird. I’m so used to running in the pool now that I felt like I weighed 800 lbs.

Approaching the six week mark of not being able to run, I am getting pretty depressed about this situation. Especially when I see things like the Houston Marathon’s Facebook updates: “Only 20 weeks to go! How’s your training going?” Fuck you, Houston! I don’t want to hear it.

I have more massage scheduled — this remaining knot is tiny, but it’s in a critical spot (deep in the right glute, at the juncture of everything that moves during a forward stride), so it’s enough to hobble me when running, although not while walking. A tiny knot shouldn’t be able to prevent me from running, so the next step is to go see someone to discuss a possible nerve entrapment issue. I’m working on that for next week.

I hate getting faked out like that.

But I’m making tons of progress on the cross-training front, in just six days. I’m a pro at the elliptical now, meaning I can run fast intervals (200+ strides per minute) totally hands-free. I can stand up on a spin bike without whining too much. But the real progress has been in the pool. Witness:

  • Session 1: 30 mins; 8 x 45 second surges with 3 minute rests. Total fast: 6:00
  • Session 2: 35 mins; 5 x 90 second surges with 2 minute rests. Total fast: 7:30
  • Session 3: 35 mins; 5 x 2 minute surges with 2 minute rests. Total fast: 10:00
  • Session 4: 40 mins; 6 x 2 minute surges with 90 second rests. Total fast: 12:00
  • Session 5: 47 mins; 6 x 3 minute surges with 2 minute rests. Total fast: 18:00
  • Session 6: 50 mins; 7 x 3 minute surges with 90 second rests; 3 x 30 all out with 45 second rests. Total fast: 22:30

Yes, it’s boring to read. Too bad. I need to have little goals while I do this stuff or I will lose my mind. Tomorrow I go for 6 x 4 minute surges with 90 second rests. I am told that I need to work up to doing 5 minute surges as the immediate goal, and eventually work up to 30 minutes of solid hard pool running. Khalid does this for an hour. I have a goal to eventually work up to that as well. Why not?

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  1. I tried blogging my pool running workouts, but it was ridiculous writing “2 minutes sort of fast, 3 minutes harder, 5 minutes ‘sprint’…” Because all it really was was me bobbling up and down in the deep end of the pool, being annoyed that I couldn’t run. My longest ever was 1:30. I thought I was going to die. Good luck.

  2. Boring as it is to read it, I know it’s more boring to write it. Just keep believing. And how’s JS?

    “Fuck You, Houston!” Didn’t I see that bumpersticker on Mary W’s car?

    • Jonathan is worse than I am and will soon descend into the depths of pool running (we’re awaiting his floatie in the mail). I have no idea when he’ll run again, since he’s 99% certain it’s something PF-ish. It’s just gotta heal.

      That’s a good bumper sticker for NYRR. Maybe I’ll suggest it. 😉

  3. Thought of you today as I spent a good 10 minutes swearing at my achilles on the way to the gym.

    I hate this but knowing you hate it too helps.

  4. Ugh. That’s impressive, but it sounds terrible. I’m a fan of swimming interval sets as opposed to pool running, because I can work a little harder aerobically (although you are probably a much better pool runner than I am) and it is an activity in itself rather than a poor substitute for running. Plus, hard pool running aggravated my wonky knee. Of course, the tradeoff is losing a little more leg muscle…

  5. Not great Julie. Anyway, it’s good to have goals for the gym. You could work on your abs and obliques too — and on not developing spatulate feet.

  6. I feel your pain Julie, I am supposed to be training for Houston too, and instead I am on the FE (fucking elliptical). Chin up … think positive. Here is a positive article that might help … it can (and will) get better:

    See you in Houston!

  7. […] Little progress outside. Lots of progress inside. […]

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