Survey SAYS!…

Well, that’s up to you, really.

Here’s an online survey I threw together to gather input from runners about what they want from race directors.

Take the survey now. You know you want to.

4 Responses

  1. Julie I took the survey but I think it’s a little weird b/c I would have answered some of the questions differently based on if we were talking about a marathon or a local 5k.

    • Good point. But it is what it is, which is unscientific at best. I basically needed a starting point for discussing broad topics with race directors. So I couldn’t afford to get caught in the weeds of specifics, branching logic, etc. Such are the trade-offs of tight deadlines. 😦

      Thank you for taking the survey, though!

  2. i did the survey. nice job — i think you really hit all the characteristics of races.

  3. done! I agree with TK, but then I realized that I put that most of the extra crap that goes along with big marathons wasn’t that important to me. even rewarded you with an almost-rant. keep up the good cross training!

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