Injury update: I hate to even call this an injury. I refuse to think of it as an injury. Until I’m told by a trained professional that this is an injury, it’s a weird problem that has a beginning, a middle and an end.

Right now, I’m in the middle. I don’t need crutches, although a cane wouldn’t be a bad idea. But I don’t want to use one, because that would be giving this issue more credence as an “injury.”

I can’t walk properly. For now, I lurch around. I’m taking Nabumetone, an anti-inflammatory and half a Hydrocodone every once in awhile, which is an Rx painkiller that’s no stronger than what you can buy in any Boots in the UK. Percocet was making me a little loopy, plus I think I need to be somewhat aware of this thing’s progress. Meaning that rather than totally masking the pain, I need to track its severity/improvement.

I’m not that much better than I was last night, but I think walking around helps. I can’t imagine running yet. I think I’m a few days away from that. This evening I’ll see if I can hop on it.


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  1. You should go to a doctor!

    • Oh, you and your silly doctors.

      Yeah, I will go later this week if it’s not better. For one thing, I’m about 150 miles away from doctors I know right now. For another, I want to avoid another useless $1,000 out of pocket MRI, since we just had one of those in our household.

  2. Hm, a little worrying, but sounds like it’s better than it was the day of the race. Keep us posted!

  3. Ah, you’ve developed the same mid-life “eh, let’s wait ’til my heart stops before making the call” medical attitude I’ve come down with. Someday I’ll share my phone conversation with my doctor when I sliced open my hand but couldn’t decide about the emergency room…long wait…expensive…meh.

    Take it easy.

  4. I personally LOVE canes. I actually own one. For no reason other than I love them.

  5. […] could not walk properly, or move anywhere on my feet for more than 5-10 minutes. Over subsequent days I experimented with […]

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