Google search oddities

“photo of girl crap on marathon”

Sigh. I wonder what the Googler was going for there. Probably Paula Radcliffe having her famous mid-race squeeze in London, but that’s just a guess.

And this one, which for some reason makes me think of Ultraman:

“power in my finger”

I honestly can’t remember what I did for entertainment before the Internet came along.

6 Responses

  1. have you been on “” yet? very much worth the visit.

  2. I know *exactly* what this is – the recent RadioLab podcast (excellent show, btw) is called Limits and features Julie Moss in her infamous crawl to the Ironman marathon finish, and they talk rather explicitly about how she crapped herself on national TV.

    So there ya go. But you got some new RadioLab readers!

    • Kewl!

      In general, I can’t listen to RadioLab because of Robert Krulwich. I get sick of his preachyness and being talked to like a third grader. That guy has no place doing “science” reporting.

      Full disclosure: I once crapped myself at mile 4 of a half marathon. It’s moments like those during which I’m glad I’m not famous.

      • Yeah, his voice is a little strange. Both his literal voice and his persona on the show. I hope I can deal with it because everyone and my brother is recommending the show.

        *But not as much as This American Life, which apparently I’m the last Gen-X’er to not be a fangirl of.

  3. I had “dog shit diaper” once in my keywords……..
    ps- I’m not a runner so you’ll have to tell me… is crapping while running a marathon a normal thing? I’ve ALMOST crapped myself a couple of times but was usually drunk in an alley somewhere so I don’t think that counts.

    • I can only speak for myself and say it’s highly unusual. In my case, I was in heat distress and probably should have dropped out of my legendary “gastric event” half marathon. But I’m stubborn enough to run for miles and miles with crap (albeit a very minor amount) in my shorts.

      You’ll see this phenomenon mostly with people who are under extreme duress. Look for Julie Moss’ 1982 triathlon finish on YouTube for a prime example, or Gabrielle Andersen-Scheiss’ dramatic, staggering finish in the 1984 women’s Olympic marathon.

      Finally, there’s this classic example. WARNING: Not for the faint of heart.

      Racing is fun. Crapping while racing — not so fun.

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