Happy on the track

I did a really good track workout today. I’m just so damned pleased and impressed with myself that I can’t stop me from obnoxiously posting about it. The session:

  1. Warmup run to the track (~2.5 miles)
  2. Assigned work: four cutdown intervals with 3 min jog rests. Goal times (paces):
    • 1600 in 6:40 (6:40)
    • 1200 in 4:55 (6:36)
    • 800 in 3:10 (6:20)
    • 400 in 1:30 (6:00)
  3. A couple miles cooldown on the track, followed by 1.75 mile run home.
  4. Tea and sandwich.
  5. Full workday sans lassitude.

Actual times (paces):

  • 1600 in 6:33 (6:33)
  • 1200 in 4:43 (6:20)
  • 800 in 3:05 (6:12)
  • 400 in 1:25 (5:42)

I was not running too hard. Also, it was windy today.


10 Responses

  1. Zoomy!! Excellent in every way.

  2. You killed it!! Awesome job Julie.

  3. Very nice. Feels good, huh? 🙂

  4. Nice! You are a rock star.

  5. Those are damned good times. You’re finding your inner speed!

  6. Thanks to you and Flo for making me feel like a first-class wuss, what with your long warm-up/warm-down and super-fine 1600s and 1000s and stuff and me with my piddling 200 and 400 repeats and one-mile jog.

  7. “You just have a soft spot for elderly men.”

    I do when they’re faster than I am.

  8. […] of March featured just 50 miles (okay, 49.9, but who’s counting?) and was punctuated with a very good speed session on the track and then another good race on Sunday. Aside from feeling like crap that Saturday, […]

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