Romper, bomper, stomper boo: Let’s kick some ass on the roads today, kids.

Since I’m in a nostalgic mood this weekend, I’ll continue the seventies television theme.

Does anyone remember Romper Room and its magic mirror? Here’s a description from Wikipedia:

At the end of each broadcast, the hostess would look through a “magic mirror” (actually a face-sized open hoop with a handle) and name the children she saw in “televisionland”, then recite the rhyme, “Romper, bomper, stomper boo. Tell me, tell me, tell me, do. Magic Mirror, tell me today, have all my friends had fun at play?” She would then lead into, “I can see Scotty and Kimberly and Julie and Jimmy and Kelly and all of you boys and girls out there!” Kids were encouraged to mail in their names, which would be read on the air.

So call me Miss Julie, today, because I’m holding up my magic mirror and I see a lot of friends, both virtual and real, toeing the line at important races today.

I see Kim, who is taking on the LA Marathon again, while stuffed into a Brooks ensemble that’s at least three sizes too small. Let’s hope she skipped the burrito stand this year. Look for bib #57.

I see Flo and Tracy, who will be running the festive Shamrock half and full marathons, respectively.

I see TK, Douglas, Joe and Frank, who have been given beautiful weather today for the New York City Half. TK, take care of that adductor brevis.

The eastern runners are racing even as I type this. Kim hears the horn in about three hours. My heart is beating faster in sympathetic anticipation for them all. Can’t wait to read the race reports.

3 Responses

  1. I loved Romper Room! I wrote in as a kid and received a personalized postcard. I still have it somewhere. Magic Mirror was the best. I always wanted them to call my name.

  2. My friend threw up on Romper Room! One of her major claims to fame.

  3. Romper Room was the best. Also, The Magic Garden. So, Betty, aka the adductor brevis, gave me no troubles during the NYC Half. Thank you so much Julie for your well wishes, & post-race (dare I say post-PR?) kudos. One day I will be fast like you.

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