Spring Training: Week Five

(In which, to mix things up a little, I compose my weekly review in iambic pentameter quatrains.)

Last year I felt a failure, so, this year
I have high hopes. Redemption comes out of
The blue, to my delight. A race can be
Like poetry. It flows, it whips, it reels.

The week went well for me at last. I ran
Ten times last week, with three hard days. My speeds
Increased again as well, and down my heart
Rate went. It seems I’ve got some decent wheels.

A run I skipped begat fast legs, I think.
Or was the wine the trick? Whichever way,
The drink or rest, it worked for me, oh yes.
In short, I rocked that race in sev’ral ways.

Blue bib? Not yet. Fell short this time. Next month
I’ll try again. But confidence is what
I sought and got me some in spades. So now
I sport a spritely step and cheerful gaze.

This week the miles go up again, but not
Absurdly so. I’ll run nine times with three
Hard days, to top out at eight-o. The tread-
Mill’s oiled and working well. That’s swell. That’s swell!

The snow will hit us overnight, but I’m
Prepared for that. My snowshoes beckon me
Take flight. And I’ve a toasty hat. Enjoy
Your runs, my runner friends. Run hard! Run well!

6 Responses

  1. Yikes, iambic pentameter brings back bad memories of a Chaucer class I really didn’t want to be in. It would have been a much more interesting class if he had been writing about running too…

  2. You clever girl, love the verse as well as the great running week. Really glad to see the Julie confidence returning. Wasn’t out too long. 🙂

  3. That was good. I’ll enjoy my runs, runner friend, by running hard and running well!

    Something exciting — we (you, Flo and I) are mentioned in the latest video from Rinus. In English!

  4. How will this tale end?
    With bodies strewn all about?
    Or lovers’ embrace?

  5. I think you just upped the ante for all of us bloggers. 🙂 Great week!

  6. Hmm.. Iambic Pentameter. Don’t try this at home kids!
    I will cheat by quoting that old guy who was quite good at it:

    We may outrun, By violent swiftness, that which we run at, And lose by over-running. (from Henry VIII)

    So I guess you did not over-run at the weekend. Congratulations.

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