Spring Training: Week 3

I was a happy runner this week. All my paces dropped and recovery time is also getting back on track after two weeks of very delayed recovery.

It was overall a speedier week, with the exception of Wednesday, which featured some wicked menstrual cramps in the first two miles — so bad that for a few minutes I thought I might lose my oatmeal. That passed, but not after strolling for a third of a mile; hence, the slow overall pace. But by and large my recovery runs are in the 10:00 range, a good minute faster than even a few weeks ago.

Tuesday’s midlength run was an odd one. I started out running inexplicably slow relative to effort. Then something kicked into gear and I was running faster at the same effort. The middle three miles were slowed by a muddy, slippery trail. But I was pleased to break 9:00 pace for a run in the high 70%s for effort.

I returned to the track on Friday morning for what turned out to be surprisingly good session. I say “surprisingly” because I again was running like crap for the warmup miles and had resigned myself to probably having an equally ho-hum speed session. But I started in on the faster quarter miles and found that running 1:34-1:38 felt just right (assigned pace was slower, but it felt way too slow). HR’s were in the right range, so I’m glad I went with the impulse to run them faster. I wore my spikes, which I’m sure helped speed me along.

Saturday’s recovery run (around 10:00, even though I left it off the chart) was also fine. I’m so used to running recoveries at 11:00 pace that it makes me nervous to go faster. But my HR says it’s fine, so I go.

This morning’s 14+ miler was great fun. I started with three miles below 73% then picked things up to 74-78%, throwing in a couple of 81% miles at the end. Ran those at 8:23, a pace that required considerably more effort a month ago.

Next week goes back down to 60 miles, but with three quality workouts again. All my workout paces are getting adjusted downward in light of this week’s data.

I’m feeling confident enough that I’ll be running as consistently as planned this season to go ahead and buy some new shoes to rotate into my colorful menagerie of blown rubber. It’s early in the year, which means the new models are coming out and you know what that means: the “old” models are on sale! I picked up two pairs of Pearl Izumi Streaks for around $70 with tax and shipping each. That’s at least $15-20 off what I’ve paid for those in the past. I’ve got several newer pairs of racing flats of various makes and two pairs of my recovery run stalwarts (the Saucony Grid Tangent 3) early in their mileage lives. So I’m set for the next few months.

The racing calendars are starting to take shape as well. I’m going to do as much racing as I can in Central Park this season (in pursuit of my coveted bib, plus there are a few races I enjoy, such as the Colon Cancer 15K). I’ll take it month by month, but it looks likely that I’ll be racing at least every 2-3 weeks. Some weeks will be back to back. I’ve even got one weekend where I might do back to back races on Saturday and Sunday (short ones).

But I’ll play it by ear. The first goal — enjoying training again and seeing improvement — is starting to take shape. Having fun racing again is the next goal on the horizon.

6 Responses

  1. Wonderful news! You’re definitely back on track. Glad to see you leaving the 11s even if it was recovery, that’s just killer slow. And what a great track workout, really happy for you. Had to laugh at you enjoying the Colon Cancer race. What names they give these things…I mean, it’s descriptive but it’s just so damn icky.

  2. I think the fact that it’s called the Colon Cancer “challenge” is what makes it, um, odd. If I think too hard about that, I end up regretting it.

  3. Good post Julie. First goal is happening — second is sure to follow. Agree with Flo about the track session. 96 sec 400s is a nice pace — being comfortable with that is sure to carry over into your racing.

    Enjoy the rest of the week!

  4. Well, Colon Cancer Fun Run would just be weird!
    It’s interesting about the crap warmups leading to good quality sessions. I’ve had some of those too.

  5. Good news and i think that you now how to run whit fun!.
    And i say a time a go that you can run a fast marathon < 3:10….
    I hope to run whit you in central parks!!!.

  6. Wow, 3 weeks into training for an unknown race and your mileage is already higher than mine (at the peak of my current marathon cycle). Nice work.

    Be careful with the back to back racing days, even if they are short. I tried that once and was very disappointed with the results. But, of course, you’re a different runner, so it might (and hopefully will) treat you better.

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