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I recently updated a few of my links. Yeah, uh, so what, you say? Well, I think a few of them are worth pointing out.

First, I added a link to Run Away Fast, Jaymee Marty’s running blog. Jaymee just took second at the Marine Corps Marathon, three weeks after running a 2:46:26 at Twin Cities. She’s a latecomer to running and to marathoning, as am I, and she’s also part of the over 40 set. She’s currently gearing up for a qualifying run for the 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials in six months. I doubt she’ll have any problems achieving that goal.

I also added links to sites for two runners in trouble. The first, set up to benefit Jenny Crain, has been around for awhile. Jenny was hit by a car while out running in August of 2008 and suffered horrific brain and other physical injuries as a result. The second site deals with Kevin McDermott‘s plight after a recent diving accident left him paralyzed, although he has made astonishing progress in restoring mobility since then.

As a side note, both these runners and their families are struggling to pay medical bills despite having been insured at the time of their accidents. If that isn’t a wake up call to people who for some baffling reason don’t support health care reform, then I don’t know what is.

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  1. Ooooh, thank you so much for the Jaymee Marty link, that’s great! How cool to see a late bloomer going for the Olympic trials, you know I’m on my way to Athlinks right this second to snoop around at her progression…

    The other stories are so tragic. That’s all.

    • Jaymee’s progression is inspiring, as you’ll see. From a 3:40ish marathoner a few years ago to just 26 seconds short of an Olympic qualifying time last month.

  2. Jaymee Marty’s is an interesting one – thanks. She’s certainly made some big gains since being coached. From first breaking 40 for 10k two years ago to running under that pace for a marathon! Some of her posts are a tad long though!

    The ‘free enterprise’ health care of the US always has me perplexed. I mean, you’re not living in a third world country. I hope the Obama plan (at least) gets up. We have universal health care down here (totally free if one is not insured) and last time I checked we weren’t a communist country.

  3. […] Marty, Science of Sport I was directed to Jaymee Marty of the RunAwayFast blog by Julie T of RacesLikeAGirl. As I note in my links, she’s old and she can beat […]

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