Help me pick my spring 2010 marathon

I tend to have years that are either “off” or “on” in terms of heavy travel. One year we’ll travel a lot and neglect the house (which is a 1928 colonial in perpetual decline). The next, we’ll stay home and put money into our crumbling domicile. 2009 was an “on” year for travel. Next year will be mostly “off.” But that doesn’t preclude some travel for a spring marathon. I would like to limit it to a long weekend and keep it close enough that it can be driven to in a day (10 hours is the max I can tolerate) or easily flown to from NYC area airports. I accept that we’ll probably need to change planes along the way.

I’ve been researching and I’ve narrowed things down to a few races that look good in terms of location, size, weather/course and reputation/reviews. Since I like cooler weather races I’m looking for mid-to-late May as the outside date. But I’m not averse to doing something earlier, such as in mid-to-late March or April. The ones I’m researching are listed below in the poll.

Note that I haven’t included the Long Branch New Jersey marathon because the weather can be so unpredictable. But I may keep it around as a backup race. Weather considerations are the biggest reason that I’ve not included a lot of New England races that would normally be on my radar.

So, where should I run? If not one of these, what races do you like that are accessible from New England, and why do you recommend them?

Edited: I didn’t think I’d have to be this pedantic, but if you voted “Other” can you please offer a brief comment on which “other” race you have in mind and why?

13 Responses

  1. I know that you said close, but I’m doing the Paris Marathon on April 11th, and I’m psyched! It is just a hop over the Atlantic ocean!! Plus, it’s Paris. Need I say more?

  2. I’m in Indiana now, but I grew up in Cincinnati and I’d love to run the Pig sometime! Beware that Cincy is hilly though!

  3. Why no Boston?

    • 1. Too big. 2. Can’t train for it properly, and I’ll never do that after the hellish meatgrinder I put my quads through at Steamtown.

      • Gotcha. If it wasn’t going to be a massive RW forum party, I wouldn’t consider it myself. Looking forward to see what you decide on.

  4. I voted for Delaware. It’s a nice course. Maybe not the speediest (there are a couple hils and lots of turns) but it was well organized and had a very cool vibe to it.

  5. Ugh – it ate my comment.

    No time to rewrite — but I’d add National Marathon to your consideration as another option.

  6. Ok, sorry, but I voted for an “other” that meets none of your criteria. I apologize.

    Napa is 1) too early and 2) too far away. But 3) I’ll be there and 4) French Laundry!!!!


  7. Buffalo is a pretty fast course with a lot of downhill, though its changed a bit in the last couple years. Through some ghetto, but some nice park and lakeshore too.

    That said: weather can be pretty variable. Its been pretty decent the last few years, but that time a year in Western NY his hit or miss.

  8. I don’t no what you can run….You can run the Rotterdam marathon!!!.

  9. i voted for other and put the eugene marathon. i know it will take a bit of traveling but . . .

    . . . nice cool weather

    . . . very flat

    . . . run alongside of a river (where prefontaine use to train!!!)

    . . . finish at hayward field, on the track, millions of people cheering you on (and maybe that was an exaggeration)

    that is all i have.

  10. I was looking for a spring 2009 marathon, but ended up going with a fall race (BayState) instead. I wanted to find a cool, small- to medium-sized race that was run efficiently. You can find my thoughts here:

  11. I voted for Bayshore because I love Traverse City. I don’t really know anything about it.

    Or, you can come to Pig. I’ll probably be there cheering on a friend, anyway. I spectated and ran part of it in 2008. The first 6 miles are hilly but it’s pretty flat after that. You get pretty sweet swag and it’s well put-together. Last year there was a fire around mile 22 that caused a detour … that made the course about 26.5 miles long. Whoops. But, that could happen anywhere, and it was handled well.

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