Review: Nike Lunar Trainer

Short review: I hate these shoes! I have never actually hated a running shoe until these showed up on my doorstep.

They feel mushy and cheaply made. Also, the outsole flares out in such as way that it actually makes running feel awkward. And there are no extra eyelets to lock the laces in place. I’m sure there’s a lot of other things wrong with these, but I haven’t run in them enough to discover them.

Jonathan, however, loves the Lunar Trainer. Go figure.

2 Responses

  1. That should make Nike think twice about sending you more shoes to test! Such a refreshing change from the RW keep-em-sweet review style.
    It’s interesting that Jonathan likes them. Are they his main training shoe?

    • Yes, I guess I burned that bridge even before I came to it! Jonathan, like me, has a stable of shoes for training and for racing, with affections shifting daily. But he did buy three pairs of the Lunar Trainers when they officially went onto the discontinued list.

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