Coach Greg McMillan on training for masters runners

Interesting interview by Scott Douglas via Running Times Online. McMillan makes some good points, particularly with regard to not lumping all masters runners together, and how the differences in background, rates of adaptation and recovery, and other factors influence how he coaches them.

Listen to the interview.

2 Responses

  1. Great interview. Really interesting thoughts on the different types of middle aged runners:

    1) Ran when younger, stopped for 10-20 years, just started again.
    2) Just starting now or recently
    3) Running all along

    I’m in camp 3 (22 years since I started!), BUT never highly competitive nor “realized my potential”, so that’s what I want to do now, at 35.

  2. There’s a fourth group that he didn’t mention:
    4) Started late in life, been running several years

    I’m in that camp.

    I still have trouble with the argument that masters athletes necessarily need more recovery time. And I typically bristle at any suggestion of cross-training as a viable substitute for running. But those are my bugaboos.

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