Perspective on impediments

I scowled because I had no shoes on my feet, until further down the street I saw a man with no feet at all.
— Persian proverb

Last weekend’s 30K race was a bust due to weather. Checking the weather for tomorrow’s replacement effort (19 miles with a 10 mile race in the middle), I see a forecast of 20mph winds.

Upon checking the weather, I had a minor fit. Then I recalled the collection of running bloggers I follow who are struggling with various injuries. Some are shelving their races altogether, others are seeking medical help and crossing their fingers.

So I’ll go run in high winds tomorrow and I’ll be grateful.

7 Responses

  1. It’s all in your ‘tude, as we say around here. Good luck!

  2. Oh, you have a point to talk yourself out of your “minor fit.” But you know, to each our own struggles, and just because others struggle more or differently doesn’t mean yours are any less real.

    Having said that, never forget it’s all about me: I need you to have an excellent workout tomorrow–I am living vicariously through all my favorite running bloggers right now. =)

  3. Wishing you an excellent race along with the mental ease to realize you can’t do shit about the wind (easier to say than to be faced with it, I know).

  4. Yeah, TK, don’t put any pressure on her. But really, Julie, if you can’t make it what hope is there for the rest of us?

    Off-topic: Would you guys with some others I was thinking of (CH, Lam, e.g.) be interested in a call-in like RunnersRoundTable (which can skew too ultra, tri, serial-marathons) with, perhaps (sorry Flo) a NY bias?

    • If I can’t make it, then you should consider it an object lesson in the foolishness of taking up marathoning in middle age and running 100+ miles per week.

      As for RRT and RRT-like endeavors … despite my extroverted online nature, I tend to clam up when I have to actually speak (I also hate hearing my own voice — but don’t we all?). But I’d be willing to give it a go if others would. I actually stopped listening to RRT recently since so little of the discussion was relevant to me.

  5. Goodluck and have a nice birdday!.

  6. The birthday! I forgot, Happy Birthday, girl. You haven’t moved up an AG, right? If you did, I might have to lame you, Kerrigan style.

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