Baby’s first cortisone shot

So I guess I’m a real runner now, having received my first cortisone shot about an hour ago.

A few weeks ago, 10 miles into a fast 15 miler, the top of my left foot started complaining. I thought I’d just tied the shoe too tight and had bruised it. But when I got home, there was a large, tender bump visible on the top of the foot, just under where the lace ties.

Over the next few days, the pain (and bump) flared up and subsided repeatedly. Sometimes it was quite painful to the touch (in which case I would huff Tylenol before running), other times it was barely noticeable.

It hasn’t been bad over the past week, but I went in to see my favorite local ortho/sports med. guy anyway this morning. Diagnosis: a cyst on my anterior tibiotalar ligament. Apparently all the rage among runners and ballet dancers.

I’m awaiting the advent of “cortisone flare” — the intensifying of pain 24-36 hours after the shot — followed by the promised cessation of pain. The actual cyst will also probably go away in a few weeks. If it doesn’t, I go under the scalpel.

At least I had the sense to do my faster track workout this morning. The next two days is all recovery running. Good timing, I guess.

6 Responses

  1. Heal fast!!!

  2. Wow, so glad it’s just a cyst! Keep us posted on when the cyst goes down. Hope the ouchies don’t last too long (or hurt too hard).

  3. Cortisone can be a miraculous cure, or so I’ve been told. I’m yet to have a shot and that’s coming up to 30 year’s of running. Does that mean I’m an unreal runner, or a baby when it comes to hard training?

    Get well soon. Avoid the scalpel at all costs.

    • Neither. I guess what I meant was that with my first diagnosable and treatable issue, this is my first official injury.

      Don’t tell me you’ve never been injured…

  4. Jealous! Wish a C-shot would fix my owie! Good timing for recovery running.

  5. I was very hardy before the age of 40. The most time off was due to a motorcycle accident. Besides that, about 3 weeks with plantar fasciitis. Plenty of niggles though!

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