NBC is redeemed. For now.

NBC redeemed themselves from their sin of shortchanging the women’s 10,000m final with pretty much horn-to-tape coverage of the women’s marathon. And what an interesting race it was. But there are plenty of other people who can give better analysis than I can.

I just got in from a 24 mile training run in Central Park this morning. Make that a brutal 24 mile training run. I. Am. Pooped.

3 Responses

  1. It is invariable. Every time I congratulate myself on some amazing feat (today, first time I’d run three days on the street in a row in a month and first time I’d run 5m in a month, and the lot at 10:22 to boot), you just put me all to shame, and nonchalantly, even.

    But I love you, anyway.

    24 miles in August in NYC is killer. Do you take the train to run there, or what?

  2. It didn’t get hot until about two hours into the run. It was mostly the hills at the fact that I was coming off of three weeks of hard, high mileage training that made it so difficult.

    And on-street metered parking is FREE on Sundays. So it’s easy to find a good spot on the upper west side and stroll over to Tavern on the Green.

  3. Thats a long run and perhaps you run in Peking next time ;-).
    And Holland is flat, but not always, see my weblog!!!.
    Groet Rinus.

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