Olympic announcers announced

Perhaps more important than the athletic start lists: The Olympic announcers list. Unless you can tap into the Canadian broadcast, these are the people who will determine the quality of your Olympic viewing experience in the coming two weeks.

The bad news is that Al Trautwig is back. The good news is that we’ll be spared Larry Rawson’s rambling incoherence and occasional racist or sexist howlers.

And do they really need three people to cover racewalking? The entire Tour de France only needed two guys.

One Response

  1. We’ve been watching via Canadian TV (sometimes in French, even…fun!) and it’s so nice to get to watch some of the competitions that the Americans aren’t dominating. Of course, that’s because the Canadians are contenders in those events, but still.

    I was hoping we’d get to miss the maudlin coverage of the atheletes’ invariably tragic pasts, but they like that bit up here, too.

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