Omens in the road

A squashed Boston Red Sox cap appeared at the foot of our street the other day. Each time I’ve passed by it, I’ve thought of Joan Benoit finishing the 1979 Boston Marathon wearing that cap (and again at the trials in April).

[minor chord crescendo]

An omen of some sort, perhaps?

There’s also a squashed possum about 20 feet further down the hill.

[minor chord crescendo]


Probably not. Just a squashed cap and some roadkill.

Now, if the possum were actually wearing the baseball cap — well, I’d have to spend some time pondering the possible omens there.

One Response

  1. Perhaps it is an indicator of stupid local driving, rather than impending Olympic doom? Just thinking…

    It does seem like you notice more road kill as a runner, doesn’t it? I saw a lot of squirrel guts this spring.

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