On recent local runs I’ve seen:

  • An enormous tortoise. About a foot long. Or maybe more than one, since between Jonathan and myself we’ve spotted three in radically different locations. They can’t swim, and it’s hard to believe they could move that fast on land. Now we’re thinking that someone’s introduced a set of them into the environment recently.
  • Our own local African elite. We’ve both spotted a rail thin, fast guy who looks to be possibly Kenyan or Ethiopian cruising along the path. I wonder who he is. He is much faster than the tortoise. Or me, for that matter.
  • A man inexplicably wearing heavy ski mittens. We’re talking thick space shuttle jobbies. He was wearing them this morning when it was 90 degrees outside. Shorts, tee shirt — and 10 lb. plastic mittens. Mental illness, medical condition or just garden variety eccentricity? You decide.
  • A small bag of pot on the ground. Really! Just south of the White Plains train station. Needless to say, I now keep my eyes peeled while in that area now.

The last few days have been crazy hot. But not too humid, which has helped. The heat wave is supposed to break overnight. I sure hope so, because tomorrow morning I have to go run up and down a half mile hill five times.