When you run out of running magazines to read…

…you can move on to the running message boards.

It truly is possible to spend too much time reading running-related message boards. One of my favorites is Lets Run (“Where your dreams become reality” — uh, okay). It’s more editorially schizophrenic than the Wall Street Journal.

On the one hand, you have threads with titles like “Who are the 10 hottest female steeplechasers?” On the other, you have incredibly wonky threads that give way to posts like this one (excerpted):

For the record I don’t agree with the model proposed by “Balance” either–several inaccuracies are present.

1) Pyruvate is initially a precursor to lactate during glycolysis. The equilibrium between pyruvate and lactate is such that cytosolic lactate concentrations are about 10 times cytosolic pyruvate concentrations. Pyruvate first though.

2) The formation of lactate from lactate which is catalyzed by lactate dehydrogenase *consumes* a proton rather than donates one. Pyruvic acid has a Pka of 2.49 while lactic acid has Pka of 3.86, therefore pyruvic acid is actually a stronger acid than lactic acid!

Do you actually want more? Here’s the whole thread.

When I find myself reading something like the above, I know it’s time to shut off the computer, go downstairs and do something more worthwhile with my dwindling time on Earth.

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