And the doping dominoes continue to fall…

I’m late to the news party, but it seems that back in May, last year’s winner in the More Magazine Half Marathon, Lyubov Denisova, was disqualified. Argentinian Claudia Camargo moves up to first. Here’s an article about the Russian runner’s predicament.

Praise the warmth of the sun. Long live the sun.

At last, the Bronx River pathway is runnable! Did six recovery miles this morning and will do another four this afternoon. Then we’ll walk it into Bronxville for Christmas Eve cocktails and dinner at Sammy’s Downtown, a new bistro and bar on Pondfield Road.

I drank far too much last night, but surprisingly I have no hangover. I’m wondering if there was something magical about the enormous amounts of chocolate I chased the martini and wine with. Hmm…

This is my fiftieth day of running without a break. I guess that’s a milestone of sorts. Or should I say millstone?

Happy Christmas! Ten miles tomorrow…


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