Right as rain

I’m recovered from my annoying little bug and back to running:

3 pathetic little miles on Monday (in a sickly state)
6 miles on Tuesday
14 miles on Wednesday (at a good clip, I might add: 8:30)
9 miles yesterday (two sessions)
I’ll do 10 today, followed by 7 tomorrow and 16 on Sunday.

Grand total: 65!

Next week is a recovery week, followed by three weeks at 70 miles each. Then I go into my 18 week training plan, which will average 79 miles per week.

I have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot of running inside. The days are getting shorter very quickly. Sun isn’t up until well after 7:00AM and it’s pitch black by about 6:00PM. I’m looking into a headlamp and some reflective gear so I can still do some (most?) of my longer runs outside. But I may do a lot of my shorter recovery runs inside anyway, to save my legs, since the treadmill is easier on them.

If I didn’t have some piece of running gear to covet, I’d know something is very wrong with me. The latest object of my affection is the Sugoi Hydrolite Running Jacket.

I really don’t like my Gore-Tex Paclite jacket for running, as it’s quite heavy and a little large for just a base layer (great for hiking, though — and for cold weather runs). My other jacket is “water resistant” which means I’m eventually soaked in anything more than a drizzle.

But the Sugoi is $100 and really weird looking. I guess I’ll see how rainy November turns out to be and then decide. Soon enough it will be freezing outside and I’ll have another six months to make up my mind.

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