Running again at last

My foot got better earlier in the week, and I’ve done a bunch of good runs:

  • Tuesday 4/3: 7 miles easy
  • Wednesday 4/4: 5 miles easy
  • Thursday 4/5: Easy doubles — 3.3 in the AM, 5 in the PM
  • Friday 4/6: 7 miles not so easy

I admit, I ran a bit hard yesterday. I just felt really, really good. So I ran a 9:04 pace for 7 miles, which for me is a fast run (that’s just a few seconds slower than my marathon pace last month).

Thursday was my birthday, which meant a big martini. And, unfortunately, a mild hangover on Friday morning. I’ve been drinking a lot less since being on a diet, and haven’t had a martini in months. Between the abstention and being lighter, the martini hit me like a ton of bricks, I guess. I’m going to stay away from vodka for awhile.

Yes, I ran with a hangover. Maybe it’s just me, but a good, hard run is just the thing to rid myself of a hangover.

I got lots of phone calls, cards, and even some flowers and books. Plus a cake with a little runner girl on top and ice cream. Excellent birthday overall.

One more day of birthday abandon…then the cake and wine will be gone and it’s back to the Ghandi diet.

I went ahead and ordered an exercise bike off of Amazon, a Schwinn 112. It’s on a UPS truck, even as we speak, speeding its way to Yonkers from Sparks, Nevada. That should help get rid of the cake effects. Review to come.

The freelance work continues to escalate, which basically means I’m working every day. When it rains, it pours. It’s tempting to turn down work, but I can’t bring myself to. It’s just too nice getting those checks! Jonathan just picked up a fairly significant project too. If freelancers are, as someone once told me, the “leading economic indicators” of the overall health of the business economy, then things must be picking up.

So there will be lots more long hours in front my computer this weekend and next…and next. But I am looking forward to getting out of town for two days at the end of the month for the PA race. Even if it’s just two hours away, it will be a nice change of scenery.

I’ve been running MP3-less this week, although I did listen to one podcast on Thursday morning. The latest Phedippidations had an interesting episode this past week: a profile of Joan Benoit. It was very well done. I enjoy the “legend profile” editions, and this was the inaugural “women’s legends” edition. As the kids say, “Check it out.”