Running while drunk

Okay, I’m not drunk, but I’m mighty hung over.

Work has felt like a racing hamster wheel lately, and it culminated in a big crisis yesterday, which extended into today, unfortunately. Here I thought I’d have a nice relaxing Friday before the holiday, followed by Saturday off to leisurely run errands. Instead, I worked for around 13 hours yesterday and just finished up another eight or so today. At least I can charge for the aggravation — one of the few perks of working as an hourly freelancer rather than a wage slave.

I kept my plans for a leisurely Friday evening at least. The evening started with a lovely dinner at our local Thai place, which used to be a bar. It’s a funny place, because they left the bar up, and it’s populated with the same sorry guys who probably went there when it was the old bar. But the other half of the place is a cheery Thai restaurant. Very weird.

As usual it was empty. Well, almost. Oddly enough, there was a huge family with Cockney accents at the big table. Londoners having Thai food in Tuckahoe? Why? Why?

A martini and a Tiger beer later, I was stumbling the half mile home for…wine. And bad TV. Bad TV until 12:30AM. Then woke up in a state of worry (and extreme dehydration) at 5AM. So I made some tea, ate some protein and got to work.

Now that’s done and I can go along my leisurely way. And figure out how I’m going to do a tempo run later this afternoon in my present state. Ah, but I remember. The best thing for a hangover is a good run. I think it clears out the toxins or something.

Only two shopping days till Christmas. Glad I’m done.

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  1. That is the best title I’ve seen yet! Love it. Have a wonderful 2007!

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