Marathon training: Week 9

Training is going well. Some highlights:

The shinsplint has migrated to to my right leg now. But I’m not that bothered by it. It seems to come and go. At least it keeps to just one leg at any given time, which is a good thing since I only have one shin support.

My first hill run on Saturday went well, although I did it at a fairly easy pace. Jonathan’s mapped out a good route, with a total of 6 big hills. Muscles I didn’t know I had were asserting themselves the next day.

I did my first 18 mile training run yesterday, and that too went well. I was rested and, even with my shin bothering me, it was a good run. I felt quite tired for about two hours afterward, but basically felt fine and was able to function. I’m happy with my pace for that run, too: under a 10:30 mile, with the last 8 faster than the first 10.

The Macmillan pace calculator says I should be running these at between 9:17-10:17 in order to race my goal time of 3:50:00. I should be able to get into that range over the coming weeks. And I’ll eventually start adding in some marathon pace miles in those longer runs.

I drank more water on yesterday’s long run as compared to my last 16 miler, and consumed three Clif Bloks (at miles 15, 16, 17) as well. I felt a definite lift after eating those, but that may just be psychological. Although I did go out yesterday morning on an empty stomach, running from 7:30 until 10:45, so I suppose I was pretty hungry.

I’ve got one more 18 miler before I move up to the 20 milers. Yesterday left me feeling confident that I can do that without problems.

94 days until the marathon.

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