Thumbs up on the gimpy leg

I did my long run yesterday, and felt good enough to do an extra mile. Tomorrow is a speed session, so that should be a good test of the leg. But today is a lounging on the couch rest day.

16 miles is beginning to feel “normal” in that I’m not exhausted afterwards. This is good since in a week and a half I step it up to 18 miles and it only goes up from there.

The difficulty now is finding the time to run all these miles. I’m up from 30 miles per week to an average 45 miles a week now and will be peaking in the mid-50s. The good news is I’m running those miles faster, so they take less time. The bad news is there’s less and less daylight as we get into winter. I’m getting up with the sun some mornings in order to make my AM teleconference meetings.

But I do like running early in the morning. The paths are empty and it’s nice and cool. I’m enjoying running outside as much as I can, since soon enough the snow and ice will force me back on the treadmill for some days.

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  1. Yay Splinty!

    And nice weather you’re having! Go run!

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