Marathon training begins

Well, actually, it began last week…and inauspiciously due to the aforementioned problems due to overenthusiastic racing. But it did begin.

I’ve selected my first marathon: the More Marathon in Central Park in late March, 2007.

I wanted to start training sooner rather than later (although if I decide I like running the marathon, I’d like to do a later one in the spring…possibly the Vermont City Marathon), and it seems like a good time of year to run (late March might be very cold, which I don’t mind, or coolish…which I also don’t mind).

Plus it’s five laps around the same loop in the park with 170 other marathoners. How much trouble can I possibly get into? Although normally the idea of running in circles doesn’t appeal to me, I rather like the idea of being able to gauge how I’m feeling during the different phases of a race. Plus, since I’ll be running it on my own, Jonathan can meet me at the finish line and snap a photo of my sorry self.

Here’s my training plan. Eesh.

3 Responses

  1. I’m worn out just looking at your training plan! How much trouble can you get into? Tons 🙂

  2. Those long runs seem awfully long, especially towards the end.

  3. My friend did the More Marathon last year and loved it. I’ve done Vermont and highly recommend it. Good luck with the training. (And I’m glad your blog’s part of the RBF now…it’s interesting and I’m looking forward to following your progress.)

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