I can’t believe that bitch stole my trophy

Don’t mind me. I’m sure she’s a very nice woman. But she came in 23 seconds ahead of me this morning, and as a result took home what would have been my cheap plastic (actually, cheap metal) trophy (plaque, actually) for my gender/age group. Third place.

The race was the Harry Chapin Memorial Run Against Hunger in Croton-on-Hudson, NY. And what a race! Very challenging — big, long hills. And very scenic, with a run over the Croton Dam itself and lots of winding roads and quiet suburban streets.

The race starts with a brutal uphill (which you get to go downhill for the finish), followed by slight uphill. Then more uphill. Then, around mile 4.25 it veers sharply downhill and you fly for about a mile or so. Then another half mile uphill, then down the formerly brutal uphill to the finish.

There were probably around 250 or so runners, and it was a beautiful day for a race. Sunny and dry in the mid-60s. The race is in its 26th year and is very well-organized. Although they need to start bundling the raffle prizes. They began raffling off what seemed like the start of a hundred prizes. Around prize number 30 they decided to give out the trophies since people were both freezing and leaving.

That’s when that bitch stole my trophy.

Oh, well. I’m very happy with my finishing time: 53:07. Next year I’ll be back for my stinking trophy.

Fun Fact: A zillion years ago when I worked in book publishing, I used to work with Harry Chapin’s mother.

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