Nice pants

Another shopping entry. Non-shopping runners, skip this.

Oh, my god. I’ve found the perfect casual pants. They’re sold by Title 9 Sports and they are called the Jane Bond Pants.

First of all, they fit perfectly. The waist sits right at my bellybutton (I’m very low waisted, so finding pants that don’t make me look like an 80-year-man in Sans-a-Belts is a challenge), and the pants have a side zip. The fit is very slimming and flattering.

Plus they have cool zipper pockets in neat places: Two in front at the hip, one near the left knee and one near the right ankle. The two weird pockets are about big enough to hold some credit cards. The pants are cut fairly wide (straightleg), but you can narrow them at the ankle thanks to a button. And they’re made of nylon, so I’m hoping they’re water resistant.

I hate shilling for retailers, but I know how hard it is to find a great pair of pants. I just wish they cost ten bucks rather than seventy.