This just in: Work makes you boring!

Oy yoy yoy. I have been up to my eyeballs in work lately. As a freelancer, this is a beautiful thing. Because now I can afford some fancy new running duds. But as a human being with outside interests — like, um, running — it sucks!

Miraculously, despite the 12+ hour days (including weekends), I have managed to stick to my training schedule most of the time. I think my next race is a 10-miler in Nyack on September 10. But that depends. On. How much work. I get done. Before. Then.

Since I last posted, we had a horrific heat wave. I believe it topped 106 on one day. Whee! The good news is I’ve finally become acclimated to running outside in the summer here. So much so, that on days with reasonably low humidity, I am flying down the road like the road runner now, even in the heat. Now I’m wondering how fast I’ll be once the fall arrives and it’s actually pleasantly cool outside.

I’ve also lost just over 7 pounds since early July, which must help with the speed as well. The other day at Costco I hefted a “twin chicken” package — around 8 pounds — and realized that I’ve been running around with the equivalent of two chickens on my back (or thighs and rear end is more like it; “Hey, chicken ass!”). It’s great to have those damned chickens off my back.

Since I’m running faster and beginning to see glimpses of muscle under the blubber, I’m inspired to remain on the Bunny Food Diet: wall to wall salad and no wine allowed on weekdays. Again — whee!