I’m not dead yet!

No, I didn’t get hit by a bus. Just went on vacation. Then came home to a ton of work.

It’s been hotter than Hell here lately. So, like every summer, I’m in the middle of my July Crabbies:

“It’s so HOT!”

“Today the LOW is going to be 85 degrees!”

“Why do we live here?!”

It does make for crappy running. And worse racing.

We skipped the Best Dam 10K Race in Croton-on-Hudson on Sunday, because it was 3,000 degrees outside with 4,000 kerjillion percent humidity (RealFeel: Surface of the Sun).

This weekend we plan to run in the Giant Steps 5K in Amagansett (because I care deeply about pediatric dentisty; many people don’t know this about me). And it’s a little local race too. And you know what that means: A decent chance at a cheap plastic trophy.

Anyway, the vacation was good (white water rafting in the Grand Canyon. More on that in a later post). And it’s good to be back. Even if the weather does suck.

3 Responses

  1. Not paying to pass out in the middle of a race sounds like excellent use of your God-given sense to me. Good luck this weekend!

    Sorry it’s so hot. Makes our current heat wave (but remember, we SF Bay Areans don’t have air conditioning!) seem almost not hot. Almost.

  2. I’m glad I raised such a smart daughter šŸ™‚ Hope you are staying cool. More to follow in an email.

  3. can’t wait for the grand canyon post. hopefully you took lots of pictures.

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