"I’ve been slimed."

I went out for a run yesterday in the very late afternoon. Although it was around 5PM, I decided to put on sunscreen since much of my run is not shaded. Well, what a mistake that was!

It was in the low 80s and after about five minutes of running, I was covered in melting, slimy sunscreen. Rather than actually soaking into my skin, the sweat seemed to have an “oil and water” effect…causing the sunscreen to float on the surface of my skin, mingling with sweat, creating a solid, shifting coating of slime on every exposed surface. Trying to wipe it off was useless; I could only spread it around, transferring it from one beslimed part of myself to a lesser beslimed area.

If it sounds horrible, believe me, it was.

After I slid home, I trawled the Web for information about runner-friendly sunscreens. Today I picked up one recommended brand, Bullfrog. It’s only SPF 35 (I’d wear SPF 10,000 if they made it), but that’s still pretty high. I’ll road test it (what better place to test something purporting to be sweat-proof than in New York in the summer?) and post a review here.