Today’s haiku

Without warning, a
Suspended vortex of bugs
The midges of May

Today’s haiku

A choc’late bunny
A shocking vacation snap
A runner is born

Today’s haiku

Well, I just went and checked out the route (thank you for the Google map, Joe Garland) for Saturday’s 5 mile “run for fun” in Bronxville. Why it’s called a “fun” run, I don’t know. It’s not exactly fun. It’s extremely hilly, and you have to run the extremely hilly route twice. I shall have to eat my Wheaties beforehand.

I have no idea who is going to enter this race. If it’s people expecting a “fun” little run, but haven’t checked out the route, it should be entertaining to see the shocked facial expressions upon seeing that first big hill. Or the second or third one.

In honor of the upcoming race, here is today’s haiku:

The hills of Bronxville
A run designed by sadists
Why do I do this?

Yet another new blog is born!

(Cue the lame party noisemaker)

It’s the inaugural post to a new blog! Does the excitement ever start?

Okay, let’s get it over with. I’ll hit my stride soon enough and this will get a lot more interesting.

The basics — I’m starting this blog because:

  • I love to write and I’m sick of message boards
  • I’d like to encourage non-runners to become runners
  • I’d like to encourage runners who do not race to start racing
  • I need a way to unwind from the insane hours I work; yes, running is not enough

I have plans for this blog. Oh, yes:

  • Haiku. Who wants haiku? Anyone?
  • Information about running-related things: podcasts, books, sites, shoes and apparel, races…
  • Other, non-running observations about, but not limited to movies, books, teevee, weird places I’ve been, odd things I’ve witnessed and more!

And so, here is the inaugural haiku:

I have more blisters
In mysterious spots
Where’s my BodyGlide?