The wisdom of Jack Daniels

“When my runners are getting ready for an important race, I always tell them: ‘There are runners in the race who are not as good as you, so make sure you beat all of them. There are also runners in the race that may be equal to you, and you can beat all of them because you run a smarter race. And, there may be some runners in the race who are better than you, and you should beat half of them because they run a stupid race.'”

Fall Training: Week 12

The second week of a three week cycle of hard weeks, I ran just under 98 this past week. The only notable aspect to the week was the fact that I ran twice a day all seven days. I’m not compulsive enough to go back and review my training logs to see if I’ve ever done that before. All but three sessions were recovery pace, so I’m still standing on Monday morning.

A look back at the week:

  • Monday: 6.1 miles recovery pace (AM); 4.9 miles recovery pace (PM)
  • Tuesday: 11.5 easy run with 6×1 mile hill repeats (AM); 4 miles recovery pace (PM)
  • Wednesday: 5.5 miles recovery pace (AM); 4.5 miles recovery pace (PM)
  • Thursday: 15 mile long run (steady pace) (AM); 4 miles recovery pace (PM)
  • Friday: 6.1 miles recovery pace (AM); 6.1 miles recovery pace (PM)
  • Saturday: 10 miles with 4 at marathon pace (AM); 6.2 miles recovery pace (PM)
  • Sunday: 10 miles recovery pace (AM); 6.2 miles recovery pace (PM)

Total mileage: 97.9 miles

Paces this week:

  • Recovery: 9:29 – 11:15
  • Easy: 8:00 – 8:15
  • Marathon pace: 7:12 – 7:14
  • Long: 8:05 – 9:15

The biggest difference between this past week and the week before it was the weather. For the first time since mid-June, I wasn’t running under a heavy gauze of humidity and high heat. Some mornings were almost pleasant, and you can see that reflected in my paces.

The hill run on Tuesday went well, but really wore me out, so I moved the midweek long run to Thursday. Nonetheless, I was still pretty tired and ended up cutting the run a mile short (yes, I was so beat that I couldn’t even run just one more mile).

By Saturday I was recovered enough to do a marathon pace run that went extremely well. I moved the training paces down last week from 3:13 to 3:10, so I approached the marathon pace run with some trepidation. But I was able to handle the pace, and in fact ran most of the miles a few seconds faster, despite an 8mph headwind in some spots.

My marathon pace right now is about the same as what my half marathon pace was three months ago. So I’m not surprised that I can handle it easily enough. I’ll train at a 7:15 pace for the new few weeks, and if that proves easy to sustain, then I’ll push it down again to 7:10 (~3:08 marathon equivalent).

Steamtown is just nine weeks away. I’m starting to feel that odd, alternating combination of excitement and dread. We’ll see which emotion wins out.

Coming up in Fall Training Week 13: Something new for a tempo run on Tuesday: 10K (25 laps) on the track, alternating 5K and marathon pace for each lap. Then a midweek longish run on Wednesday or Thursday. Sunday is a big 24 miler with 10 miles at marathon pace toward the end. I may do this one in Central Park, but I’m not sure yet.

Olympic announcers announced

Perhaps more important than the athletic start lists: The Olympic announcers list. Unless you can tap into the Canadian broadcast, these are the people who will determine the quality of your Olympic viewing experience in the coming two weeks.

The bad news is that Al Trautwig is back. The good news is that we’ll be spared Larry Rawson’s rambling incoherence and occasional racist or sexist howlers.

And do they really need three people to cover racewalking? The entire Tour de France only needed two guys.


Holy fucking shit. I’m watching the opening ceremony for the Beijing games.

There are people running upside down around a giant globe right now. The world’s largest LED screen painted itself with dancers, then peeled up and flew into the sky. Human beings performed perfectly synchronized squats to render undulating waves of printing blocks.

This is breathtaking. Jawdropping. Demented.

Yes, this makes Cirque du Soleil look like an afternoon at the DMV.

Zhang Yimou will always have work after this. And Canada and the UK are wondering how they’ll top this in a few years…

And the best part? This lavish extravaganza is was probably covered by a week or so’s worth of interest on our enormous national debt, $500 billion of which is owned by China.

What not to wear

More from preracejitters on countries’ Olympic uniforms.

Let’s see: The Germany uniforms look like stylish athletic uniforms. Check. The Australians look like a bunch of flight attendants. Check. New Zealand’s uniforms look like what I grab out of my running clothes drawer (or maybe even the laundry bag) in the dark at 5:30 in the morning. Check. And..wait a minute…who knew Canadians could be so ballsy?!

Radcliffe’s a scrapper

The world’s fastest woman in the marathon distance has recently dealt with:

  • A stress fracture
  • A toe injury
  • Hip troubles
  • A nasty spider bite

But she’s still going to run.

But can she win?

It’s the Olympics. Anything can happen.

The importance of being flexible

Well, I had a 16 mile run scheduled for this morning, but outside my door is a downpour punctuated by lightning strikes, and my street looks like the Colorado River. I also woke up with a resting heart rate of 52 this morning, owing to yesterday’s hill repeat run.

So, I’m going to do what I didn’t do last training season (remember? The one where I go really tired and then suffered a calf strain? You don’t remember that?). That is, the smart and sensible thing. Gosh darn it, I’m going to rearrange my schedule a little.

The forecast calls for a cooler, drier morning tomorrow and even moreso on Friday.* I’ll do my 16 miler tomorrow and my easy+race pace run on Friday morning. I would have been doing back-to-back quality sessions between yesterday and today anyway; I’m just choosing different back-to-back days.

Pigtailsflying handed out not one but two awards for my recent submissions to her “six word race report” contest. *blush* Thanks, TK! I guess this means I should get back to writing some haiku on this here blog.

*Of course, they could be wrong. In fact, they probably will be wrong, with my luck. But I’ll take my chances.