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Mini 10K
Central Park, NY

“My worst races have been my best teachers.”
— Joan Benoit-Samuelson

Racing and training history*

Personal Record (PR) Race


Date Race Time Blog post How to
Dec 2009 California Internationa 3:46:12 Race Report Training
May 2009 Newport DNF Race Report Training
Oct 2008 Steamtown 3:19:22 Race Report Training
Apr 2008 More Magazine 3:32:20 Race Report Training
May 2007 Vermont City 4:17:45 Race Report “Fun” run
Mar 2007 More Magazine 3:56:02 Race Report Training


Date Race Time Blog post
May 2011 Brooklyn Half 1:58:49 Race report
“Fun run”
May 2011 Long Island Awful Race report
Epiphany run
May 2010 Long Island 2:05:48 Race report
“Fun run”
Oct 2009 Westchester 1:37:35 Race Report
Sep 2009 Whale (South Africa) 1:45:52 Sort of a Report
May 2009 New Jersey 1:34:06 Race Report
Jan 2009 NYRR Manhattan 1:36:06 Race Report
June 2008 Straton Faxon Fairfield 1:44:43 Race Report
May 2008 New Jersey 1:34:30 Race Report
Feb 2008 NYRR Bronx Race Report Training run
Jan 2008 NYRR Manhattan 1:39:32 Race Report
Oct 2007 Westchester 1:52:08 Lazy!
Apr 2007 Lehigh Valley 1:50:19 Race Report
Feb 2007 Sedona 2:08:29 Sort of a Report
Oct 2006 Westchester 1:54:10 Sort of a Report
Apr 2006 Runner’s World 1:59:48 Pre-blog


Date Race Time Blog post
Sep 2009 South Nyack 1:14:55 Sort of a report
Apr 2009 Jack Dowling Tuneup (Win!)
1:13:09 Race Report Training run
Sep 2008 South Nyack 1:14:34 Race Report
Sep 2007 South Nyack 1:23:35 Lazy!
Oct 2006 Mystic Places 1:24:04 Sort of a Report
Sep 2006 South Nyack 1:27:05 Race Report


Date Race Time Blog post
Apr 2010 Scarsdale 15K 1:09:37 Race Report
Mar 2009 NYRR Colon Cancer Challenge 1:07:18 Race Report Training run
Dec 2008 NYRR Ted Corbitt 1:09:10 Race Report Training run
Mar 2008 NYRR Colon Cancer Challenge 1:07:35 Race Report
Dec 2007 NYRR Hot Chocolate 1:12:22 Race Report
Apr 2006 Scarsdale 1:25:30 Pre-blog


Date Race Time Blog post
Apr 2012 NYRR Scotland Run 10K 44:44 Race Report
Apr 2011 NYRR Scotland Run 10K 44:59 Race Report
June 2010 NYRR Mini 10K 45:18 Race Report
Apr 2010 NYRR Scotland Run 10K 45:26 Race Report
Nov 2008 Nyack Hospital 46:27 Race Report Training run
June 2008 NYRR Mini 45:54 Race Report
Nov 2007 Nyack Hospital 46:51 Race Report
Oct 2006 Harry Chapin Memorial 53:07 Pre-blog
Mar 2006 St. Patrick’s 56:08 Pre-blog

5 Mile

Date Race Time Blog post
Dec 2011 NYRR Join the Voices 5M 34:39 Race Report
Aug 2011 NYRR Team Champs 5M 36:54 Race Report
Aug 2010 NYRR Team Champs 5M 36:24 Race Report
Feb 2010 TRRC Freezer 5M 35:26 Race Report

4 Mile

Date Race Time Blog post
July 2011 NYRR Run for Central Park 4M 29:16 Race Report
Feb 2011 NYRR Gridiron 4M 28:42 Race Report
July 2010 NYRR Run for Central Park 4M 30:05 Race Report
May 2010 NYRR Mother’s Day 4M 27:35 Race Report
Mar 2010 NYRR Colon Cancer 4M 27:34 Race Report


Date Race Time Blog post
Nov 2011 Ho Ho Ho Holiday 5K 20:50 Race Report
Nov 2011 Flushing Meadows 5K 21:15 Race Report
Sept 2011 Sunset & Suds 5K 21:46 Race Report
Mar 2011 Coogan’s 5K 22:13 Race Report
Apr 2010 Washingtonville 5K 21:12 Race Report

2 Mile

Date Race Time Blog post
Mar 2010 TRRC St. Pat’s 2 Miler (Win!) 13:17 Race Report

1 Mile

Date Race Time Blog post
Sept 2011 NYRR Fifth Avenue Mile 5:57 Race Report
Sept 2011 Tuckahoe Mile (Win!) 6:09 Race Report
May 2010 Icahn Stadium, The Mile 6:23 Race Report


Date Race Time Blog post
June 2010 Icahn Stadium, The 1500 5:45.8 Race Report

*This is a selective history to give a sense of progress in the longer distances once I went from being untrained to trained. I ran more terrible 5K, 5M and 10K races in 2005-2006 than I care to remember!


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