In Iowa

I’ve been in Iowa for the past few days. I flew out here on Wednesday to attend to what I suppose is meant when someone uses the term “family crisis.” My beloved 93-year-old grandmother suffered a stroke a little under two weeks ago and she was aiming to slip from this mortal coil, or so […]

The 5K

I have one tomorrow. I knew it had been awhile since I last raced one, but I didn’t realize until I looked at my old logs just how long it’s been: nearly four years. It also turns out that I’ve only ever raced three 5Ks. In mid-2006, shortly after I started racing — with a […]

Best. Birthday. Ever.

Warning: This is a really long post and there’s barely anything in here that’s running related. You’ve been warned. I rarely do anything that would qualify as exciting or special on my birthday. Since I generally don’t care about things like going to restaurants or “shows” (gag), my birthday plans usually revolve around three things: […]

Douchebags! The series

This weekend I watched two recorded iron man triathlon events, one in China and the other in Idaho. People, televised triathlons offer some of the best television comedy you’ll see all season. Here’s what you get: Announcers and competitors alike who can’t even properly pronounce the name of their own sport. They call it a […]

Three weeks of recovery

If by “recovery” you mean light running combined with heavy drinking. I’m still working on my race debacle post-mortem (which may get thrown out the window after I get my blood tested next week). I still have one area (the nine week basebuilding period) to pore over before putting that together. For now, here’s what […]

Boring vacation photos: Corvallis, Hood River, Astoria (and northern coast)

Last installment, I promise. While downloading photos from my camera I was not surprised to find that I’d taken zero pictures in Bend. Bend was, to me, like nonfat plain yogurt: something you buy because you think you should. Then, because it lacks any obvious appeal, you let it lay moldering in the back of […]

Taking in the sights in White Plains

I’ll post my usual training week recap eventually, but I had to post about my run through a section of White Plains, NY this morning. WP is hard to describe — it’s a center of commerce in Westchester County and has undergone tremendous commercial development over the past 10-15 years. It consists of a fairly […]

The hay is in the barn.

Today was my last big training run: a 22 miler with 9(ish) miles in the middle run not quite at (desired) marathon pace; more like as fast as I could muster. Which means 15-25 seconds slower than (desired) marathon pace. I am now questioning my fitness to run my (desired) marathon pace in three weeks, […]

Bad runs, good runs, fall training

With one notable exception, it’s been a bleh week for running. I spent Monday traveling to Iowa, Tuesday at a memorial service for my grandmother, followed by a reception at her retirement home, then Wednesday traveling back home with hours of flight delays. So Monday and Wednesday, I did not run. On Tuesday morning, though, […]

Lovely Betty

My grandmother died a few days ago. She meant a lot to me. Here’s the obituary I wrote for her, with help from my mother and sister. I’ve had work to do this week, but took a few hours yesterday to plant some new flowers in our garden and reflect on my grandmother’s life and […]