Change is good.

I’ve managed to successfully move this blog over from Blogger to WordPress. Blogger was good to me, don’t get me wrong. But WordPress is just, well, more elegant. Plus I really wanted a dedicated domain.

I’m behind on posting. But I’ll catch up again on Sunday with another fascinating “twofer” training week recap.

Back soon.

Slippery semantics

Fellow blogger Greg Dempster was confused by my use of the term “basebuilding” in relation to the training I’m doing right now. I’m not using it as it’s typically used in the classic sense. So in the interest of reducing confusion, I’m going to rename all those weekly logs to “Training” — just like the springtime series.

Thanks, Greg!

Water, water everywhere

Or, rather, on my back! Yes, I’ve purchased more running gear. This time, it’s a Camelbak hydration pack — the Dream. Made just for women. got so excited about it, they forgot all about using apostrophes: “The CamelBak Dream is an ideal womens road cycling or trail running hydration pack. Low profile, ergonomic and light, you wont even know the CamelBak Dream is on your back.”

Well, we’ll see about that. It weighs 4 lbs when filled with water. I think I’ll notice having the equivalent of a Purdue Oven Stuffer Roaster strapped to my back while running.

I’m not sure if I’ll try it out tomorrow. It’s probably overkill since I’ll be running by the car multiple times, and there’s no reason to put extra weight on my legs unnecessarily. They have enough to contend with, with my big fat ass, as it is.

Thumbs up on the gimpy leg

I did my long run yesterday, and felt good enough to do an extra mile. Tomorrow is a speed session, so that should be a good test of the leg. But today is a lounging on the couch rest day.

16 miles is beginning to feel “normal” in that I’m not exhausted afterwards. This is good since in a week and a half I step it up to 18 miles and it only goes up from there.

The difficulty now is finding the time to run all these miles. I’m up from 30 miles per week to an average 45 miles a week now and will be peaking in the mid-50s. The good news is I’m running those miles faster, so they take less time. The bad news is there’s less and less daylight as we get into winter. I’m getting up with the sun some mornings in order to make my AM teleconference meetings.

But I do like running early in the morning. The paths are empty and it’s nice and cool. I’m enjoying running outside as much as I can, since soon enough the snow and ice will force me back on the treadmill for some days.

"It takes too much time and is no fun."

Sometimes it’s fun to look in on the ramblings of someone with a viewpoint that is the polar opposite of one’s own.

Here’s just one such web site, Arthur De Vany’s blog. Be sure to check out the category called “Endurance Training: Death, Injury, and Risk.”

I could give him several demerits for use of the serial comma in his titles alone. But I’ll reserve my ire for his posts, which demonize running by cherry-picking anecdotal or limited research findings to revel in the bad luck that befalls some runners.

Here’s a quote from one recent post, in response to a query from a reader concerning whether or not his daughter should continue to race 10Ks…

“The pretty, happy, and athletic young woman that is your daughter will become a fat, skinny [sic], compulsive, overtrained and prematurely aged woman with a slight scowl on her face in place of that smile if she becomes a chronic runner.”


Bloody cold today

What happened to the 80 degree weather?

Oh, right. It’s late November.

Went for a run this morning. Wind chill of 32. My eyes were watering like crazy, but I did get to try out the new cold running gear purchased recently, which makes me look like a ninja runner. Except for the silly beanie.

If it gets much colder, I’m just going to have to buy more fancy running clothes…

The elephant is dead

I started subscribing to Rhapsody’s “To Go” service recently (which I had to buy a fancy new MP3 player in order to use — a review of that coming eventually). Suffice it to say that I love the service. For fifteen bucks a month I can download to my player 95% of the tracks on Rhapsody. Whee!

Anyway, in addition to music they also offer comedy downloads. I downloaded a couple of albums by the late, great Bill Hicks and came across this gem this morning. Although it was recorded after the 1992 presidential elections, it’s strangely resonant of what’s happened over the past couple of days. Made me laugh, anyway.

powered by ODEO

Faster easy runs

Woo hoo! I’ve been tracking my pace for various different training runs. Since I started tracking things in April, my easy run pace has finally averaged well below 10:00 per mile. It’s at 9:50 now, down from 10:50 last month.

Again, woo hoo!

It’s only 119 days until Christmas

Not a running post, but I couldn’t resist posting about this today (especially now that I’ve figured out how to include pictures in my posts).

I’m always on the lookout for places to shop for the weirdos in my life. I scored big time this week with FredFlare. My favorite item has got to be Vinnie’s Tampon Case. What hip young (or not so young) woman in her right mind wouldn’t want this? It’s pure merchandising/pop culture magic.

A close second is the Paper Airplane Passport Holder. I may need to get one of those for myself.

Post-run snack recommendatons

From what I’ve read, after a race or hard run workout, you should eat food that will help you recover faster. This means carbohydrates and some protein. The carbs help restore your muscles’ glycogen stores, and the protein helps rebuild damaged muscle. Ideally, you should take this in within a half hour or so of the conclusion of your activity.

My favorite post-race or post-run snack is a glass of milk and a snack bar from Trader Joe’s. You can buy a six-pack of these bars for $1.69 or $1.99 — a bargain compared to something like Clif Bar or PowerBars. I like the “Sweet, Savory and Tart” bars, but the “Vanilla Almond Crunch” bars are also quite good. Also check out the Apple, Blueberry and Fig bars — they’re like extended Fig Newtons.

Get more information about recovery foods.


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